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The need is crucial! Your helping hands will save future generations!

At Ability Connection Colorado (ACCO), education is the thread that binds together our critical services and programs and our commitment to the community.  For over 70 years, Ability Connection Colorado has woven education into the fabric and language of Coloradans by consistently spreading knowledge, while making inclusivity a way of life. 

Annually, more than 500 children from birth to age five currently enroll across the four existing Creative Options Centers for Early Childhood Education.  The need for high quality early education has grown in the community, and so have we!  In December, 2017, Ability Connection Colorado broke ground on its 5th Creative Options Center for Early Childhood Education.  Based on community need, this center will serve up to an additional 107 of Colorado’s most vulnerable children and their families.

Creative Options Five will be located in an area of significant need and dramatic risk for children in the state of Colorado.  A majority of the children living in this area are in poverty or at-risk of falling into poverty.  Creative Options will serve these children regardless of ability or economic circumstances.   

According to the Center for Disease Control, “Preschool-aged children experience profound biological brain development and achieve 90 percent of their adult brain volume by age 6…  Early childhood education interventions can improve children’s development and act as a protective factor against the future onset of adult disease and disability”.  When at-risk children have access to high quality early childhood education, their future potential becomes unlimited.  

A local developer, MGL Partners, has generously provided the land lease located adjacent to low-income housing in an area currently in the process of redevelopment.  ACCO has accepted the challenge to raise a significant amount of capital to build and equip Creative Options Five.  We have come a long way towards this goal, but we still need your help!

Our goal is to raise $250,000 to complete and outfit this new facility in 2018.  We need your help!

Important initiatives, such as this, require visionary partners, who recognize that our best future is realized when we invest in the inclusive education of today’s children.  We hope you can join us in this very important endeavor!

Five reasons why it is so important to help prepare Colorado children for school readiness and beyond!

  • Children exposed to high quality early education, are at a lower risk of dropping out of school, being placed in special education, not attending college and are less likely to be arrested for violent crimes.
  • 90% of a child’s brain capacity is developed by age 6, long before many children ever walk through a kindergarten door.
  • Last year, we served 534 children and their families at all four Creative Options Centers. Currently, we have 280 children on our waiting list for Creative Options.  The current need exists!
  • We level the playing field for some of Colorado’s most vulnerable, at-risk children. Nearly 4,000 children in the city of Aurora are eligible for Head Start and are currently not receiving Head Start/Early Childhood Education services.
  • Early Childhood Education Programs serve as essential building blocks for a lifetime of success, yet access to high quality programs is limited. Only a small fraction of low-income children are in high-quality programs.  Quality   programs are not always available, and when they are, either space is limited or parents are unable to afford them.

How can you be a part of this amazing project?

Your Opportunity to Create Opportunities for Children:  Early Childhood Education Matters!

The need:  Help educate and serve some of the most vulnerable children in Colorado.

The goal:  Raise $250,000 to complete and equip the Creative Options Center Five for Early Childhood Education. 

The opportunity:

  • Help us build a safe outdoor fenced playground,where these precious children can be enriched with creative physical and mental activities.
  • Sponsor and name a classroom after your family or company and provide a safe learning environment, while recognizing your long term investment in the future of Colorado’s at-risk children in need.
  • Help fund an onsite kitchento provide nutritious, made-from-scratch meals.
  • Help us fund “state of the art” security and communication systems so that these children can learn in a safe environment.
  • Help us equip six classroomsfor up to 107 at-risk toddlers, and preschooler’s ages 18 months to 5 years, with much needed materials, like tables, chairs, teacher laptops and whiteboards.

Your donation could qualify for a 50% tax credit with the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit!

Contributions qualify for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit and are deductible as charitable contributions according to the Colorado tax code. This allows for a 50% tax credit toward your State of Colorado income tax liability.  The credit is equal to 50% of the taxpayer’s qualifying contribution made during the tax year.  *Please consult your tax adviser to find out more about this credit.

Here is an example of how the credit works.

Did you know? 

You can make a greater impact if your employer has an employee matching program or foundation.  IRA Retirement Savings donations are a great way to leverage your giving.  For more information on donating to specific furnishings or in-kind donations, please contact: Judith Ham, President/CEO of Ability Connection Colorado at 303.691.9339.



Donation Recognition Level Amount What You Are Supporting Helping Hands Award Program
Colorado Children’s Advocate Sponsor $85,000 Playground Dedication – Including ground covering and equipment where children will have a safe place to play.


  • Colorado Children’s Advocate Award.
  • Playground dedication signage honoring your community commitment.
  • Company logo on our website, events, newsletter and marketing materials showing partnership.
  •   Recognition in our Annual Report.
  • Name dedication ceremony.
Colorado Children’s Outstanding Community Leadership Sponsor $25,000 – $75,000 (25K per classroom dedication) Classroom Sponsorship – Includes all education materials and furnishings, so children will learn in an enriching, healthy environment. 


  • Colorado Children’s Outstanding Community Leadership Award.
  • A plaque honoring your community commitment will be placed at each sponsored classroom.
  • Company logo on our website, special events and marketing materials showing partnership.
Colorado Children’s Safety and Wellbeing Sponsor $10,000 – $24,999 Kitchen and Safety Support – This will help to provide nutritious meals all school year.  You will also help to provide security & communication systems so the children are free to learn in a safe environment.
  • Colorado Children’s Safety and Wellbeing Award.
  • Helping Hand Wall – large platinum finish tile honoring your chosen name.
  • Company logo on our website, special events and marketing materials showing partnership.


Colorado Children’s Helping Hand

– Gold Level Sponsor

$5,000 – $9,999 The Entire List of Classroom Learning Materials – The complete list of materials needed for 107 children to learn!
  • Helping Hand Wall – gold finish tile honoring your chosen name.
  • Company logo on our website, special events and marketing materials showing partnership available.
Colorado Children’s Helping Hand

– Silver Level Sponsor

$1,000 – $4,999 Much Needed Furnishings – Examples:

– Classic Chrome Chair $35/each,

-Beautiful new “Book Nook” $500

-Table 24”x48” $500/each

  •  Helping Hand Wall – silver finish tile honoring your chosen name.
  • Company logo on our website available.


Colorado Children’s Helping Hand

– Bronze Level Sponsor

$250 – $999 Much Needed Supplies – Examples:

– Glue, paper, crayons etc.

  • Helping Hand Wall – bronze finish tile honoring your chosen name.


Learn More About How You Can Help!

You can help provide early childhood education to at-risk children in need by donating online today.  Be sure to select “Build Creative Options Five” in the “I’d like my gift to support” dropdown.

You can also leverage your gift with the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit.  Learn more about now to take advantage of this tax savings here.

Donation Level opportunities are available.  We would be deeply honored to have your support in this amazing endeavor.  Personal, corporate and in-kind gifts of any amount would be genuinely appreciated.  To pledge a donation level amount or request a Creative Options Five Information and Donor Packet, please contact Judith Ham, President/CEO, of Ability Connection Colorado at or call 303.691.9339.




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