Individual Parent Matching

Because I have been where you are, I offer:
my listening ears, my experience, my time, my heart….


Parent matching provides valuable individual support to your family.

Using our database of over 2800 Colorado families and the P2P USA matching service, we can connect you with another family who has experienced raising a child with a particular disability or special health care need.

The match to a Support Parent can be based on age of your child, disability, geographical location, surgeries, medication, equipment used, or any number of other factors.  Our Outreach Coordinator will contact you to help identify your needs and your desire for a parent match.  

P2P Parents, prepared through our Support Parent training, are there to listen to your needs and to provide you with emotional and informational support, including resources in your area of the state.

If you would like a match with a P2P support parent,
please indicate this on your registration form on the JOIN P2P page


Dads are matched to provide support to each other!

For information about additional parent support, including active local support groups, email infop2p@abilityconnectioncolorado.org

801 Yosemite Street   |   Denver, CO 80230   |   303.691.9339   |   info@abilityconnectioncolorado.org