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Parent Wisdom files address specific topics with information compiled from postings on our online parent list serv.

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References in these documents to any specific product, service, or company does not constitute a recommendation by Parent to Parent of Colorado.   Please use your knowledge of your son or daughter when considering any recommendations and seek professional advice if appropriate.  

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All files are PDF documents.

BEH Autism & Aggression
BEH Inappropriate Touching
COMM Assistive Tech Evaluations
COMM Augmentative, Alternative & Facilitated Communication
DEV Puberty & Sex Education
DEV Service Dogs
DEV Telling Your Child About Their Disability
DEV Toileting
DIET Autism & Diet
DIET Lactose Intolerance
DIET Omega-3, Flaxseed, Mannatech & Glyconutrients
EDU 1 on 1 Parapro
EDU Choosing Schools – District Discussions
EDU Executive Functioning
EDU Grading & Transcripts & Records
EDU Homeschooling
EDU Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)
EDU Mediation & Due Process
EDU Open (Choice) Enrollment
EDU Repeating Grades
EDU School Transportation
EQUIP Everything Diapers & Pull-Ups
EQUIP Home Modifications
EQUIP Keeping Kids In & Keeping Kids Out
EQUIP Van Purchases, Conversions and Ramps
FIN$ Funding Sources for Various Services
FIN$ Special Needs Trusts & Financial Plannin
FIN$ Working from Home
LIFE Information on Divorce
LIFE Introducing Your Child’s Disability…and the Language We Use
MDCD Parent as CNA & CNA Income Questions
MDCL Baclofen, Botox, Phenol Blocks & PVL
MDCL Conversations Regarding Kaiser Insurance & Services
MDCL Dental Issues
MDCL Suggested Eye Docs & Info on Glasses
MDCL Heel Cords & Hamstrings
MDCL Spinal Fusion & Scoliosis
MDCL Surviving the Spica Cast
MH Mental Health Waiver
MH Semantic Pragmatic Disorder
MH Social Stories
REC Camp & Recreational Opportunities
REC Trike & Bike Wisdom
SSI Information about SSI
SSI Information on SSDI
SUGG Suggested ABA Therapists
SUGG Suggested Counselors
SUGG Suggested Dentists & Orthodontists
SUGG Suggested Endocrinologists
SUGG Suggested Eye Docs & Info on Glasses
SUGG Suggested Gastroenterologists
SUGG Suggested Neurologists & Neurosurgeons
SUGG Suggested Neuropsychologists
SUGG Suggested Orthopedic Doctors
SUGG Suggested OTs & PTs (including SID)
SUGG Suggested Pediatricians
SUGG Suggested Speech Therapists
THER Applied Behavior Analysis
THER Auditory Processing Disorder & Auditory Integration Training
THER Cranial Sacral Therapy
THER Functional Medicine
THER Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
THER Relationship Development Institute (RDI)
THER Vision Therapy

Send password request with file name in subject line to infop2p@abilityconnectioncolorado.org

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