Become A Friend (Sponsor) of P2P-CO

Become A Friend (Sponsor) of Parent to Parent of Colorado!

For 20 years, Parent to Parent of Colorado (P2PCO) has supported thousands of families across our state!  The care that P2PCO provides to families compliments what you do, whether you are a business, an organization, a provider or an individual who believes that we make a difference!


P2P services & supports are delivered free to Colorado families, but they are not delivered without cost.  By becoming a Friend of Parent to Parent, you are making a difference for thousands of families in Colorado.  We are pleased to offer several ways that you can partner with us:


Options for Becoming a Friend of Parent to Parent (P2PCO):

  • Make a commitment to donate to Parent to Parent monthly (minimum of $10/month) throughout the year.  Your contribution can be made directly at:  www.coloradogives.org/P2PCO
  • Join our $20 for 20 Club!  In honor of the 20th Anniversary of P2PCO, pledge a $20 monthly donation.  We will post a monthly public thank you on our Online Parent Support Group that reaches over 2500 parents each day.  Contribute here.
  • In appreciation of additional donation amounts, we will offer the following attributions for you, your family or your business:
     Pledge a monthly donation of $40; we will feature your logo on our website at www.p2p-co.org along with a monthly thank you on our Online Parent Support Group
     Pledge a monthly donation of $50; the above and invite you to write a quarterly news post for our members.
     Pledge a monthly donation of $75 or more; we will feature all of the above plus a quarterly thank you post of your logo on our Facebook page that has over 2500 followers.
  • Double Your Donation! We can help double your donation by challenging our parent members to match your one time donation of $500 or more. We’ll feature your company logo in materials used to promote this challenge on our Online Parent Support Group and Facebook page!


To Become A Friend of Parent to Parent of Colorado:
1.  Choose your donation option above
2.  Go to www.coloradogives.org/P2PCO and complete the process for setting up a your donation
3.  Email lfranklinp2p@abilityconnectioncolorado.org to let us know about your pledge….we promise you will receive an enthusiastic response! Please attach a .pdf of your business card or logo and send your first content for the news post (if applicable)


Terms and Conditions:  We ask that you support the mission of Parent to Parent (P2PCO) of Colorado. P2PCO does not specifically endorse businesses or donors. Resources are for information only and P2PCO recommends that families explore all options in order to make an informed choice. P2PCO has the right to decline participation if a business or organization does not match P2P values. You may discontinue your donation pledge at any time through the link above with the understanding that we will then remove all business cards, logos, etc. from our website and Online Parent Support Group.

For questions or assistance with our Friends of Parent to Parent Program, please email:  infop2p@abilityconnectioncolorado.org


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