P2P Family Business Directory

At Parent to Parent of Colorado, we support family businesses….and family businesses support us!  Please check out our list below of businesses operated by P2P families for any needs you may have!


Note:  Parent to Parent does not specifically endorse any of the products or services advertised below.  Please do your own research and ask appropriate questions to make sure that a product or service offered meets your individual family needs. 




To add your business card to this page:  Join our Family Business Directory! Exclusively for P2PCO Members who run their own business. Pledge a minimum $10 monthly donation and we will feature your business card on this page along with a monthly promotion link to our Family Business Directory for our members.

To Join the Family Business Directory:  (you must be a P2P member!)
1.  Go to www.coloradogives.org/P2PCO and complete the process for setting up a your donation
2.  Email lfranklinp2p@abilityconnectioncolorado.org  to let us know about your pledge….we promise you will receive an enthusiastic response! Please attach a .jpg of your business card


Terms and Conditions:
We ask that you support the mission of Parent to Parent (P2PCO) of Colorado. P2PCO does not specifically endorse businesses or donors. Resources are for information only and P2PCO recommends that families explore all options in order to make an informed choice. P2PCO has the right to decline participation if a business or organization does not match P2P values. You may discontinue your donation pledge at any time through the link above with the understanding that we will then remove all business cards from our website and Online Parent Support Group.

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