Bertha Campbell Library and Resource Center

Dedicated on December 6, 2011 in the Lowry Creative Options Early Childhood Education Center, the Bertha Campbell Library and Resource Center is a place to make connections . . .  with books, with words, with ideas, and with people.

For Parents, it’s a place to learn and understand more about how their children grow and develop, while supporting their child’s natural enthusiasm for learning.  Parents have access to information about quality care-giving and promoting quality of life for their children and every child.

Teachers will discover the library to be a place to develop skills in observing children in the classroom and improving program planning, implementation and assessment.  They will gain a better understanding of the importance of creating an atmosphere, where children feel secure and self confident and of preparing spaces, which intrigue and delight children and lead them to discovery. Teachers are able to offer guidance to help children become self disciplined.  Exposed to the thousands of resources the library has to offer, teachers will also find themselves sharing more ideas with colleagues.

For Children, the library is a place to explore the joy of relaxing with books and stories, the vastness of the world and the magic of relationships.

Piaget’s notion that “We each create our own structure for learning” highlights that learning is highly personalized and holds different meanings for each of us. The Bertha Campbell Library and Resource Center offers a spectrum of materials and activities to encourage each of us to find our own pathways to learning.

Who is Bertha Campbell?

bertha_campbellBertha has been passionate about and active in educating young children, parents, and teachers for more than 75 years. She has taught in public and private schools and universities.  She has worked for both federal and state government institutions, including heading up the Bureau of Child Development for the State Education Department of New York. She has traveled the world as an independent consultant, exploring education’s best practices and encouraging students, young and old, to become more invested in their own learning by engaging their passions.

Working with federally funded programs like Head Start since 1965, Bertha has been involved in numerous research projects, many of which have focused on the art of classroom observation and qualitative assessment. She has been a noted speaker and has presented workshops for many prominent national education organizations. She has received numerous awards and commendations, including being named one of the nation’s top early childhood educators by Childcare Exchange Magazine.

Bertha has worked with many communities to plan and implement early childhood centers and related programs with an emphasis on child-centered, experiential integrated learning. Since moving to Basalt, Colorado in 1985, she has remained active in her field, serving on two Governor’s Task Forces on Child Development.  She founded the Early Childhood Center at the Aspen Community School, while teaching professional development classes for the University of Colorado; performing teacher observations; facilitating parenting discussion groups; and serving on any number of boards and committees dedicated to furthering the efforts of community-based early childhood programs. Her extensive personal library and educational expertise have provided a solid foundation for several parent/ teacher resource centers, the most recent of which has been established by Ability Connection Colorado.

The Center will strive to be an active hub for educational materials related to children and families and a place that promotes their use among parents and teachers. The physical space also serves as a meeting area for discussions that examine experiences and explore best practices. The planning and execution of specific programs to further these aims greatly define the Center’s value and success.

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