37th Annual Wine in the Pines

Wine in the Pines Auction


More than ever before, Coloradans are in need of access to online educational technology and connection to the outside world!

Ability Connection Colorado is dedicated to Closing the Digital Divide through a new campaign, PROJECT CONNECT. COVID-19 did not create the digital divide, it simply widened the gap.

In years past, we have had the opportunity to help gap the digital divide by providing IPads to individuals in need.  Often these have been of assistance using adaptive programs that allowed children to gain equal footing in their education as well as access to other web-based tools.

We now are working again to continue closing that gap as students and families find themselves in need of technology to keep up with the new world their education faces.  This includes devices like Kindles, Chromebooks and laptops.  There is also an ever-increasing need for Internet access from home as so many students face full or part time remote school.

This campaign relies solely on community donations in order to purchase these critical items.

Without your help, students may not have access to an education that will prepare them to tackle an uncertain future; young people with disabilities who are currently involved with, or at risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system, may not have pathways to success in education, career choices and life; families may have to make a daily choice about who gets to attend online school or work from home; households may remain isolated from the world of education and resources due to the lack of internet access.

How can you help? ACCO has received a generous pledge of $25,000 dollars from Bill and Liz Stenzel to launch our PROJECT CONNECT CAMPAIGN during Wine in the Pines with the hopes of raising a matching amount (or more) from the community. With your help, we can make it happen.

This Boone’s Farm Wine has raised thousands of dollars for Ability Connection Colorado

Why is this bottle of Boone’s Farm Wild Mountain Wine so special at Wine in the Pines?

• The story began in the 90’s.
• This bottle of Boone’s Farm Wild Mountain has been carried in the trunk of many of our donors as a generous Legacy gift to Ability Connection Colorado.
• This all started at the Keystone ranch at one of the first Wine in the Pines dinners. That night, Mike Smith decided to auction off a bottle of Boone’s Farm.
• We raised $200 and the bottle was shared between two people, each carrying it the trunk for 6 months.
• A few years later, the marketing team from Gallo Wines, decided to get involved and helped us even more by bidding $7000.
• During the next few years, several donors continued to support the program through winning the bid for the Boone’s Farm wine. A big highlight was when Ed Dauer, a long-time donor, and his DU friends bid it up and it went for over $10,000.
• The Boone’s Farm bottle of wine has helped raise thousands of dollars just as a memory and a foundation of what we started 37 years ago – what a gift from Wine in the Pines.
• This story, like the Legacy of the 9 mothers who founded Ability Connection Colorado – AKA CP Cerebral Palsy in 1946, inspires us to persist in supporting individuals and adults with special needs and other life challenges, so that they can be connected, accepted, and included within their communities.

Please help us continue this incredible Boone’s Farm legacy.

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