For 70 years, Ability Connection Colorado (ACCO) has been providing innovative and exceptional services, helping individuals and families thrive. Building on the legacy established in 1946 by nine mothers who were determined to help their disabled children lead productive lives, ACCO today serves 40,000 Coloradans a year by providing inclusive early childhood and charter school education for children of all abilities, pathways to employment for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and family support programs that include guardianship and conservatorship services.

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This Organization is Protecting the Rights and Dignity of Colorado’s Most Vulnerable

Published on November 11, 2015

Rebecca is a 66-year-old woman with severe cerebral palsy. Her elderly parents both passed, leaving her dependent on institutions for her medical and personal care. A judge presiding over Rebecca’s case happened to be familiar with Guardianship Alliance of Colorado (a program of Ability Connection Colorado) and referred her to the program…

Originally published in The Dime Colorado.

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Great Balls of Fire