Creative Options for Early Childhood Education

Creative Options - Early Education

Children of all abilities and economic circumstances learn and thrive at all five (5) locations of Creative Options for Early Childhood Education throughout Aurora and Denver.

Our mission is to facilitate individual development for children through family support and a nurturing educational environment.  Our focus is each child’s strengths, while promoting his or her social-emotional, cognitive, communicative and physical development.

Last year, we served expectant mothers and over 400 infants, toddlers and preschool children and their families. They received prenatal and early care, intervention, prevention and other support and educational services.

The full time professional staff and support teams at Creative Options include:

  • Early Childhood Educators (Bilingual)
  • Special Education Consultants
  • Social Emotional Coaches
  • Mental Health Specialists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Family Coaches

The results of this comprehensive approach:

  • 100% of the children enrolled in our programs are screened for developmental and health concerns resulting in early discovery of any delays or potential delays
  • Often, these early services reduce the need for special education later
  • Preschoolers at Creative Options demonstrate 93% proficiency in literacy, language development and developmentally appropriate social-emotional behaviors as they enter kindergarten
  • Over 70% of our families attend Parent Nights, participate in Parent Educational offerings, and volunteer at Creative Options Centers.
  • Parents learn about their child’s development while developing their own life and parenting skills
  • Parents share that they feel respected and appreciate being treated as partners in their child’s health and educational development
Parents and Families
Parent involvement is valued, encouraged, and considered a vital part of a child’s well being.  Creative Options offers numerous opportunities for learning about child development, nutrition, healthcare, and parenting, as well as access to community services and referrals to further community education activities and assistance.
Program Age Groups:
  • Infant Care:        6 weeks to 12 months     (Full Day)
  • Toddler Care:     12 months to 3 years       (Full Day )
  • Preschool:            3 years to 5 years            (Full Day and Half Day School Calendar)
Ability Connection Colorado’s Creative Options Centers for Early Childhood Education offer a diverse and nurturing education in an inclusive environment.

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