About Us

It’s about legacy.

Did you know, on September 1, 2013 CP (Cerebral Palsy) of Colorado changed it’s name to Ability Connection Colorado (ACCO). Josh Blue Explains the Name Change

Ability Connection Colorado is built on a legacy established in 1946 when eight mothers met to form a Mother’s Club, because they refused to institutionalize their children, and instead “dared to dream of a better life for their disabled children.”

These founding mothers sought ways to pull their children out of isolation and into inclusion. They built more engagement opportunities for their children through education, creating work opportunities, and developing support by bringing together “parents and friends throughout the state for assurance and guidance in the development of disabled children.” It is the same work ACCO continues today.

Society’s understanding of disabilities has changed since 1946, and so has the work of ACCO. We see how connections improve lives. We focus on intervention, prevention, and support to ensure that all individuals have an opportunity for a high-quality life, and are inclusive members of their communities.

Today, ACCO provides inclusive education, pathways to employment, and statewide family support programs to create opportunities and sustainable change for families across Colorado. We are a Guidestar best practice organization and work hard to ensure .90 cents on every dollar directly supports thousands of individuals and families every year.

We invite you to explore the services and work of ACCO, some stories of the more than 38,000 individuals and families we are privileged to serve every year, and the incredible community of donors, volunteers, and supporters who make all of this work possible.

Ability Connection Colorado is a 501(c)3 corporation as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Federal Tax Identification Number 84-0420225.


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