Employment Works at the Kelly Smith Employment Center

Since 1960, Employment Works has advocated for people with special needs and for their inclusion as vital members of the workforce. We envision options and choices for people with disabilities as they seek and maintain employment that suits their choices, abilities and preferences.

Good for Coloradans with Special Needs, Good for Business

Employment Works serves both individuals and businesses in the Denver Metro area and throughout Colorado, providing a broad spectrum of tools and resources and vibrant partnerships. DID YOU KNOW?

  • People with special needs (21 to 64 years old) experience unemployment at an average rate of 69%.  They are a motivated and under-utilized labor force.
  • Colorado businesses that partner with Employment Works report that they gain a competitive edge. Explore what new approaches to employment and employing people from non-traditional labor sources can do for your business.

Programs & Services

EMPWORKS library_SSA-seal-white_200x110We serve more than 2,800 people annually through the programs below, as well as Colorado Work Incentive Counseling and Ticket to Work. Click below to learn more.

 Community Partners

  • City and County of Denver Office of Development and Economic Opportunity
  • Denver Work Force Center
  • Colorado Health Foundation
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Social Security Administration
  • NABWIS (national association of benefit planners)
  • The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • The Institute for Educational Leadership
  • Colorado Workforce Centers
  • Employers statewide
  • Denver Metro school districts
  • Community Colleges

Today, Employment Works is proud to assist people with mild to severe disabilities – adults, as well as an expanding population of youth – as they pursue meaningful employment that suits their choices and preferences.

Inclusive Employment Milestones at ACCO

1960-1980   Community enclave partnerships with major corporations were the focus to transition groups of individuals with moderate to severe disabilities to work experiences.

1988    Shift to supported employment opportunities for community-based jobs.

1996    Central to a new vision to fully integrate people with disabilities into the community, 40 adults transitioned to work in the community when ACCO closed its sheltered workshop, one of the first organizations in Colorado to do so.

2000    Expansion from supported employment to individualized work placement in the community that is driven by each job-seeker’s interests and abilities. Employment Works was awarded a Social Security Benefit Planning Grant to become a provider of work incentive counseling for SSI and SSDI beneficiaries.

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