TGYS-Youth Breaking Barriers

The primary goal of our program is to promote youth resiliency and to increase the likelihood of participants remaining in school and/or providing transition and support services to youth who are out of school.  The ACCO Youth Employment and Transition Program works with school-aged youth and young adults to develop the tools and skills needed to plan for and successfully transition between grades and other life transitions and by extension, from high school to vocational, higher education, and employment goals or other types of credentialing. In line with ACCO’s mission and vision, the organization seeks to create communities of success, including innovative pathways to employment, for people with special needs and other life challenges. For many participants, strong peer and adult caring networks, planning for success after school, and an understanding of the educational, community, and social benefits of remaining in school, are all integral to preventing dropout or providing youth no longer in school with vital transition and supportive services. RAMP provides these services in an environment that champions youth leadership and advocacy, honors and centers youth voice, and creates pathways to success for youth facing a myriad of challenges.

Denver metro area youth aged 13-24 who may benefit from educational, mental health, and social support to successfully transition in or out of school through career exploration to find stable and fulfilling employment. The program focuses on at-risk, marginalized, and youth with disabilities. At-risk participants are identified based on several factors including truancy, disciplinary issues, mental health status, trauma experience, and foster care status.

We are proud to partner with the Tony Grampas Youth Service Program to provide vital services to youth.

 Who we serve

  • Youth ages 13-24 years old
  • Youth with disabilities
  • In-school and out of school youth
  • Foster Care Youth
  • Youth who have experienced trauma
  • Homeless youth
  • Youth with barriers to employment
  • Partners include, State and local organizations across the country with expertise in mentoring, youth development, juvenile justice, disability and family support.
  • Supports family services and resources.

Service we provide 

  • Career planning and management.
  • School transition support
  • Career exploration.
  • Work experience support.
  • On the job training and job placement.
  • Continuing education and vocational training support.
  • Disability advocacy, family support and resources.
  • Ready to Achieving Mentoring program services
  • Work Incentive/Benefit planning assistance through the Social Security Administration


Contact Information:

Sandra Lopez: TGYS/RAMP Youth Services Team Lead
Phone: 303-507-9578

Tony Dumas: TGYS Job Placement and Supportive Services Consultant
Phone: 303-505-9199

Carmella Trujillo: Job Placement Coordinator/Adult Placement Team Lead
Pronouns| She/Her/Hers
Phone: 303-906-8492

Tracie Hammons: Director of Employment Works
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Phone: 303-691-9339


801 Yosemite Street   |   Denver, CO 80230   |   303.691.9339   |