Introduction to Conservatorship for an adult in Colorado.

A conservatorship is a court appointment for an adult who is incapacitated, missing, detained or unable to return to the United States. The appointment of a conservator gives a person or an organization the responsibility to prevent waste or dissipation of the protected person’s assets; to obtain or provide for the support, care, education or […]

Introduction to Guardianship for an adult in Colorado.

Guardianship is a court appointment which gives a person or an organization responsibility and authority for making decisions on behalf of an adult who is unable to manage his/her own affairs and make his/her own decisions. Guardianship for adults in Colorado is authorized by Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 15, Article 14, Part 3. The person […]

Advance Directives

Living Will- Declaration Concerning Medical or Surgical Treatment Can only be set up while a person is competent to understand the consequences of the decisions. In order for a Living Will to become operative, four conditions must exist: The individual (the declarant who has signed the Declaration) must be terminally ill due to an incurable […]

Colorado CPR Directive

CPR – cardiopulmonary resuscitation are measures to restore cardiac function or support breathing in case of cardiac or respiratory arrest or malfunction. Includes: chest compression electric shock to the chest placing tubes in the airway to assist breathing. May be executed by any person over age 18 who has decisional capacity to provide informed consent […]

Proxy Decision-makers for Medical Treatment

The “Proxy Decision-makers for Medical Treatment Act” is intended to be used to make medical decisions on behalf of someone when no advance directive has been made, when there is no current guardian and when only medical treatment decisions are required. It is applicable for all adults regardless of the nature of a disability or […]

Procedure for Appointment of a Guardian for an Adult

The following process is generally followed for appointment of a guardian of an incapacitated adult. It may vary with particular cases and by court. (From Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 15, Article 14, Part 3) The law defines an incapacitated person as “an individual other than a minor, who is unable to effectively receive or evaluate […]

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