Alyssa’s Story

When Alyssa was around a year old, my husband and I started noticing that her shoulders were a bit uneven, shoulder blade and rib cage protruded and her torso was slightly twisted. In the beginning we thought that maybe she was just “double jointed”. We mentioned this to the pediatrician at the time and her […]

Antonio’s Story

Antonio was born on December 6,1998. As soon as he was born, he didn’t look quite right so the doctors were rushed in and he was put in the NICU. After days of testing he was finally clinically diagnosed wit Marfan’s syndrome. We were told that there would be heart, lens, joints, muscle and spinal […]

Erin’s Story

Erin was born on February 2, 2002. It would have been her Maternal Great Grandmother’s 95th birthday, and Erin was the first girl on the paternal side of the family in 90 years! At approximately 37-38 weeks, I had an ultrasound to make sure things were on track. There was a question raised from that […]

Josefina’s Story

In January 2011, our daughter Josefina of 6 months old was diagnosed with severe progressive infantile scoliosis. We live in Montevideo, Uruguay; a country of 3 million people, where cases like Josefina´s practically don’t exist, so effective treatments in our country weren’t t available. At first, doctor recommended us to travel to Argentina, were we […]

Starla’s Story

In June of 2012, I noticed Starla’s back was forming oddly.  I didn’t know at the time that was a rib hump.  She was nearly 6 months old then.  Many blew it off and I didn’t know if it was a big deal or not.  In December, 2012 my chiropractor ordered an x-ray of her […]

Devyn’s Story

Devyn was born October 3rd, 2005. The pregnancy and delivery were anything but normal. I had a sub-chorionic bleed until my 5th month of pregnancy that almost caused me to miscarry. The delivery started out normal until I started to push…. He got stuck twice and then was not breathing when he was born. After […]

How do I know that it’s a Mehta Cast?

Some identifying characteristics of a Mehta cast are: It’s made with Plaster of Paris The front has a mushroom-shaped chest expansion window The cast has shoulder straps (it’s an “over the shoulder” cast) Application by a Mehta-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon Petals made of moleskine cover the windows and cast edges

What about the D-shaped window on the back of the Mehta cast?

The D-shaped window on the back of a Mehta cast actively assists in the derotation of the child’s most prevalent curve with every breath the child takes. The D -shaped window should always be placed on the concavity side of curve, not past the midline. This special window allows the oblique ribs on the cavity side to […]

Lily’s Story

Lily was born April 12 2004.  She was diagnosed with plageocephaly at approximately 8 months of age.  She was placed in a corrective helmet by the orthopedic physician, which was worn 24/7 for 4 months.  This corrected the flatness of her head and restored its shape. At 13 months of age, Lily had just started […]

Siobhan’s Story

Siobhan was born June 9th 1999 in Vancouver, Canada, 4 days late. Her birth was normal. We noticed at about 4-6 months old that she didn’t bear weight and, when her feet were on a flat surface, they pronated (rolled inwards) quite severely. Our family doctor sent her to see an orthopedist at our Children’s […]

Kylie’s Story

Kylie Anne Lether was born August 8, 1997 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She weighed 6lbs. 10oz. and was 21 ½ inches long.  She was born with Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis and Developmental Hip Dysplasia.  Her back had a big hump on the left side, which was her spine lifting her shoulder blade up.  Her hip […]

Hadley’s Story

Hadley was born in May 2007.  She was born perfectly healthy. Around the age of 5 months, I (mom) saw that one side of Hadley’s ribs were bulging out. I showed my husband, and he thought she just had more muscle strength on that side from learning to sit.  Hadley’s head also tilted to one […]

Ryan’s Story

After 5 years of trying to have a baby, God blessed us with twin boys.  My pregnancy was full of uneasy feelings and lots of “what ifs”.  There were many complications along with 3 months of bed rest.  After the danger point passed, the doctors sent me home.  One week after being home I went […]

Bridget’s Story

Our daughter Bridget was born on the 22.2.01. She is the fourth child in our family and her two brothers and one sister were over the moon at having a new addition to the family. Bridget spent her first year drowning in the attention of her siblings. She sat on her own at about 8 […]

Why was PIS not noticed at our Well Baby checks and appointments?

Unfortunately, at this time, scoliosis checks are not part of the suggested guidelines for Well Baby Checks. While pediatricians and family physicians provide a general look at your baby’s overall health, it may fall on your shoulders to monitor this. One of the best tools that you have is your camera. When you suspect that your child’s spinal […]

The doctor recommended surgery to insert metal rods beside my baby’s spine. Does this mean that my baby is not a candidate for treatment with Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting?

Not necessarily. MGGC is a gentle, conservative, and perhaps most importantly, non-invasive treatment option to address the three dimensional curves of progressive infantile scoliosis. There are no side effects when MGGC protocols are applied by a surgeon who has received proper, specialized training. In contrast, the complication rates for surgery and implantation of distraction hardware involve […]

What is Mehta casting?

Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting (MGGC) is a validated, non-surgical, potentially curative treatment for progressive infantile scoliosis (PIS). PIS in infancy is considered the only potentially life threatening condition in the world of pediatric orthopedics because the curve(s) will keep pace at the rate of the child’s growth, which is fast the first two years of life. Scoliosis […]

The pediatric orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery to insert metal rods into my baby’s spine. Does this mean that my baby is not a candidate for treatment with Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting?

Not necessarily. MGGC is a gentle, conservative, and perhaps most importantly, non-invasive treatment option to address the three dimensional curves of progressive infantile scoliosis. There are no side effects or lingering complications when MGGC protocols are applied by a surgeon who has received specialized training. This sharply contrasts the complication rates for surgery and implantation […]

Is there any reason we shouldn’t “watch and wait” and then recheck my baby’s spine 6 months from now?

Once it is determined that your child has scoliosis, determining the exact type is next. There are several types of scoliosis that affect infants. Progressive Infantile Scoliosis  Diagnosed from birth to age 2 Considered a non-structural type of scoliosis Congenital Scoliosis A structural issue of the vertebrae present at birth Examples are hemivertebrae, chiari malformation, syringomeyelia, tethered […]

“This is literally a cure” – Nick Guthe

My child would have faced severe deformity or a very early and painful death, if not for the work of the ISOP. Dr. Min Mehta’s method of early treatment for Infantile Scoliosis is directly responsible for saving my son. The ISOP needs funding so that all children diagnosed with this condition can get this life […]

“The Mehta method CURES” – Charles Sine

No one and nowhere else can any of us who are associated with this dreaded affliction, find the information, treatment, and support for our kids. It’s very much like MDA, if it weren’t for Jerry Lewis alot more would suffer horribly. Well, Heather Hyatt-Montoya is our Jerry Lewis. Our kids are “Heather’s Kids”! We are […]

Savannah’s Story

January 3, 2014 – Savanna is a super sweet, super cute 18.5 month old little girl.  She will be 19 months when she gets her first cast.  Why does she need a cast?  She has been diagnosed with Progressive Infantile Scoliosis, and casting is a gentle, non-invasive way to encourage her spine to grow straight. […]

Grace’s Story

On April 19, 2006 my husband and I went in for our routine 20 week ultrasound.  Long story short and many tears later, we were told our daughter would be born with an Omphalocele, basically a hernia at the umbilical cord.  A few days later we had an amniocentesis performed.  Ten days later, I received […]

Charlee’s Story

Our daughter, Charlee, was a healthy, happy baby. She met all her milestones and was very smart for her age. Everyone who has ever met Charlee loves her funny, happy and loving personality. We never noticed anything out of the ordinary when it came to her back. When Charlee was 11 months old she got […]

The Early Treatment Method

“The casting method uses the explosive growth experienced by infants and toddlers to gently and permanently guide the spine back into its correct position,” Dr. Min Mehta said.  “The earlier the treatment begins, the more likely a cure will occur.” The innovation of the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program’s Early Treatment (ET) Process is that it […]

A Message from Dr. Min Mehta

The study “Growth as a corrective force in the Early Treatment of progressive infantile scoliosis,” JBJS 2005 has contributed to furthering the aim of reversing progressive scoliosis in infancy by demonstrating that far from being an adverse factor, the vigorous growth in infancy is the principal force in converting a progressive infantile scoliosis into a […]

Where ISOP got its start

Mother’s Determination Turns The Tide in Toddler’s Scoliosis Fight Follow the long journey of ISOP founding Mom, Heather, and daughter, Olivia, as they sought to find answers where there were few, and a scoliosis treatment that would spur hope and encouragement. As published in the Rocky Mountain News on December 19, 2000 PDF Document: Greatest_Gift_Article

Medical Professionals: Learn Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting Protocol

Clinical Training for Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting (MGGC) For medical professionals, ISOP facilitates hands-on MGGC clinical trainings several times a year in the U.S.and around the world. Actual case studies provide experience in the Early Treatment protocol and the precise methodologies for cast application. Training occurs in the OR of host hospitals and involves use of a specialized […]

Sofía Egües – en Español

La pequeña Sofía Egües de 3 años sufre de escoliosis infantil progresiva. En noviembre del 2012, a pesar de haber recibido tratamiento con un corsé durante sus primeros años de vida, la curvatura de su columna había alcanzado ya los 60 grados. Los especialistas en su ciudad natal en Lima, Perú, afirmaron que Sofía necesitaba […]

Sofía Egües – In English

Por favor lea aquí para obtener información que puede salvar la vida de su niño. (Please read here to get info that could save your child’s life) Little Sofia takes big steps with the help of Mehta castin La pequeña Sofía Egües de 3 años sufre de escoliosis infantil progresiva. En noviembre del 2012, a […]

Cameron & Dylan’s Story

My story is about two of the sweetest little boys you’ll ever meet.  Cameron (8yrs.) and Dylan (5yrs.)  The two brothers have many things in common, such as huge smiles that light up their whole face, an infectious laugh, and scoliosis.  Although they were both casted in plaster in Dec. 04, their journeys to that […]

Cole’s Story

Cole was born on January 3rd, 2008, 1 hour before his due date, after an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery.  He received 10’s on his APGAR.  The only funny thing about him was that his foot was bent up so his toes touched his calf. They reassured us that it was just because I was very […]

Aly’s Story

Alexandra (Aly) was born in May 2010 by c-section after a normal pregnancy. She was big, healthy and beautiful! Around 10 months old, while bathing her, her dad and I noticed that she sat a bit crooked. We brought it up to her pediatrician, but he told us not to panic. Because she was such […]

HIGHLIGHTS: ISOP Physician Advisory Board Meeting (May, 2014)

At the May meeting of ISOP’s Physician Advisory Board, the Board resolved several key elements to successful Mehta Growth Guidance Casting: Agreed: Underarm Casts are only effective for curves T8 and lower. Overarm Casts address all curve types. Agreed: Modifications and/or decorations to casts, as well as cast removal at home should all be discussed […]

Avery’s Story

Avery was born on October 8th 2009, weighing 3lbs 2oz. She and her twin sister Addison were 10 weeks early. Avery was my eager one and is the one that decided to come early. They had to force Addison to come out. Avery would spend 7 weeks in the NICU 60 minutes away from home. […]

Breann’s Story

Breann was born in 1997. She was approximately five weeks premature and weighed 2420 g length 49 cm, head  Her Apgar scores were 8.  She was noted to cry spontaneously but her color remained dusky and she was given blow-by oxygen followed by mask CPAP because of diminished breath sounds.  Following these interventions she improved […]

Hunter’s Story

Everyone thinks that their baby is beautiful and perfect from the first time they gaze into their eyes, and we were no exception. Hunter was born on September 7, 2012, via emergency c-section. High blood pressure on my behalf, coupled with him experiencing stress during contractions, led the doctor to make that decision. Though the […]

Sophia’s Story

Sophia Update  September 28, 2010 Sophia’s spine continues to grow straight and de- rotated. We monitor with X-rays annually, unless we see something that would give us cause for concern and we would then X-ray sooner. After successful EDF/Mehta casting 2007-2008, she wore a Providence Brace 8-10 hrs a night from Aug 2008-May 2009. Then […]

Jackson’s Story

Everyone who meets my son, Jackson, immediately thinks he is quite the charmer! I sincerely believe that is partially due to his innate personality, and partially due to the resilience and character he has developed on his journey with Progressive Infantile Scoliosis (PIS). Jackson was born on May 5th, 2010, weighing a very average 7lb […]

Andrew’s Story

Fight for your babies, mamas and daddies… Andrew’s life started with a full term pregnancy and a healthy baby born to a couple just about to celebrate 3 years of marriage. This story your about to read is long and includes a lot of details that might not seem significant to his scoliosis journey but […]

Brayden’s Story

We were so excited when we found out we were pregnant with our first child! On Tuesday, October 5th, 2010, Brayden Richard was born via c-section at 11:33 am. He came out screaming and hasn’t stopped talking since. After his 2nd appointment with the pediatrician we were off to the local children’s hospital for testing when […]

Karleigh’s Cause – Parent Power in Action!

When their beautiful 15 month old daughter, Karleigh, was diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis (PIS), Kim Westmiller and her husband had no idea what they were up against. Fortunately, they were able to connect with Heather Hyatt Montoya and the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP) for guidance, support and answers. Answers that led them to […]

Olive’s Story

Our daughter, Olive, was born on September 22, 2010 at 3:46pm. She was full term with no complications, aside from the umbilical cord being around her neck right as she came out of the birth canal. This was cut immediately and there were no issues following. While this was scary, we do know that the […]

Jake’s Story

Jake was diagnosed with infantile scoliosis at 3 ½ months old when an x-ray was taken to rule out pneumonia. My maternal instincts, however, told me something was not quite right before that. While holding him in my arms, burping him, and bathing him, I could feel that his little spine was bent. But I […]

Jake’s Story – From Crooked to Cured

Seattle, WA – Our son Jake was about three months old when an X-ray revealed he had a 22-degree curve of his spine. We saw an orthopedist, who ordered an MRI and a CAT scan to be done under anesthesia. All results were negative and we were told to wait and see if the curve would resolve […]

Life With Casts: “Flossing” to Maintain Skin Integrity

Maintaining skin integrity while your child is in a cast will keep them comfortable and reduce the risk of skin problems and irritations. The “Flossing” process is recommended for children in casts as an effective way to slough off dead skin and prevent potential skin issues. The material used to floss is a basic pair […]

Cole’s Story

Cole was born at 36 weeks gestation as a healthy and happy 4.5 lb. baby on March 9, 2005.  He has a fraternal twin brother named Jack who does not have any signs or symptoms of infantile scoliosis. At around 4 months of age, we noticed that Cole’s chest wall seemed to protrude quite a bit. […]

Brooke’s Story

Brooke was born on July 7th, 2001.  At 4 months old , intuition told me something was not quite right. At 6 months old, I noticed that her back was curved slightly.  My father and her father both agreed. I called the pediatrician and was seen the next day.  At the appointment, we asked about […]

Olivia’s Story

Olivia’s Story After two years of extensive research, I was finally able to locate the only person on the planet willing and able to help my child. Unfortunately, he lives in France. Luckily, I made contact with him before he retired in June 2000. His recommendation was for a procedure considered experimental, and not commonly […]

“Madison is now completely corrected” – Jennifer Stewart

My daughter, Madison, was diagnosed with infantile scoliosis at the age of 6 months. All of the initial information I received from her treatment team involved countless surgeries and no promise of real correction. Through the ISOP website I was able to connect with other parents who were experiencing the phenomenal success through a series […]

Madison’s Story

Madison was born full term by cesarean section on August 26, 2003. At birth, her pediatrician noticed a click in her left hip. An orthopedist was called in, and she was immediately placed in a Pavlic harness. She wore this removable brace 24/7 for three months. Under no circumstances, we were told, should it be […]

Rylie’s Story

Rylie was born January 29, 2006, full term by cesarean section.  She was a healthy 5lb 14oz little girl.  Three weeks after Rylie was born my mother brought to my attention that Rylie kept her head tilted to the left.  I took her to see the pediatrician who confirmed she had Congenital Torticollis and referred […]

Dylan’s Story

Dylan was born in October of 2006.  He was born 3 months premature for unknown reasons.  I had no complications during the pregnancy, but started dilating and having contractions at 25 weeks.  I was put on bed rest for 3 weeks and took terbutaline to try and stop the contractions.  At 28 weeks, the labor […]

Evan’s Story

Evan was born August 7, 2005, four weeks early, but overall, a wonderfully healthy baby boy. As a mother, I thought that my baby boy was just perfect! I did, however, notice that his ribs did protrude quite a bit on both sides. I attributed this to him being a chunky little boy!  A very dear […]

Evan’s Story

Our son Evan was born on March 20, 2006.    We could not believe how beautiful he was, and there was no missing his gorgeous eyes.   We really weren’t aware that anything was wrong with his back until his 4-month regular check-up.  His doctor noticed that he had a slight head tilt and wanted to get […]

Finn’s Story

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indominant will.” Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948) My son Finn is the very essence of the word strength. He is also determined, witty, and charismatic. For in his three short years he lives his life with the wisdom of an old soul.  He has struggled […]

Makenna’s Story

Makenna was born on March 27th, 2007 weighing 5 lbs, 3 oz. Although this perfect, beautiful, baby girl was born four weeks early, she passed the newborn tests with flying colors. At about three months, I noticed that her eyes were not tracking from right to left. We were referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist who […]

Isabell’s Story

Isabella was born in April 2006 by c-section. She was full term and weighed 8 pounds  4.5 ounces and was 21 inches long. My pregnancy was what I would call a perfect pregnancy. I had no complications and felt great the whole time. There were also no complications with the delivery. It was at about […]

Spotlight On: Teresa

Teresa was born in August 2006 weighing 9lb 8oz, the second largest of her five siblings (who are all boys!). Shortly after birth, she began to have frequent spitting-up episodes and was diagnosed with mild laryngomalacia (partial airway collapse) associated with this reflux. Her pediatrician suggested that we keep her in an upright position and […]

Londynn’s Story

Our baby came into the world on January 9, 2009.  She was perfect, a petite little doll. From the beginning whenever she was laying down or holding her she always seemed to be curled up in a ball.  We thought that must just be a comfortable position for her after spending the past 9 months […]

Marcela’s Story

Marcela is one of the happiest little girls you’ll ever meet. Since the moment she was born in May of 2008, she was not only the happiest of babies, but also the most serene. Nothing ruffled Marci’s feathers—not even the horrible acid reflux she began battling as soon as we arrived home from the hospital. […]

Levi’s Story

Levi was born on February 23rd  at 38 weeks gestation.  He was a perfect 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 21 inches long. Everything about his birth was “normal” however one nurse noted how flexed his feet were.  She said usually you only see that in breach babies, but no worries he will relax.  He was […]

Tyler’s Story

Tyler was diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis in December of 2002.. His thoracic curve was measured in the high 20’s, and progressed to the high 30’s within a couple of months. We were told to “wait and see,” and that surgery was inevitable ( growth rods, fusion ). Our research then began.  We started our […]

Ian’s Story

Our son Ian was born on August 15, 2004.  He was a full term baby and appeared to be a very healthy baby boy.  Just before his 6 month well-baby check up, he began to sit up on his own.  At that time, I noticed that the “muscles” on one side of his back seemed […]

Nathan’s Story

NATHANS HEART Our beautiful little boy was born on the 3rd of November 2002. He was our first child and he looked absolutely beautiful. The midwives felt Nathan looked blue and was too labored in his breathing. He was taken straight to Princess Margaret Hospital (the children’s’ hospital in Perth) where he was intubated immediately, […]

Join the C.A.S.T Support Group Today!

Connect with other parents who know the miracle of Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting! The C.A.S.T. Support Group gives families a way to communicate and connect with others who have young children with scoliosis.  This is a place to share our experiences regarding traditional and alternative treatments, and discuss the pros and cons of each.  This […]

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