Parent Power

ISOP was founded by a mother whose gut told her that the permanent spinal fusion doctors recommended for her infant daughter was not the right answer.  Heather Hyatt Montoya knew in her heart that there had to be something better for her baby. Keep in mind that this was before the internet, so through snail mail letters and phone calls around the globe, she eventually connected with UK pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Min Mehta, who pioneered a gentle, non-surgical option to treat scoliosis in babies and children.

Even today, over 15 years later, the protocol for Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting (MGGC) is not as widely known in the medical community as it needs to be. While casts are applied by a trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon in the OR on a special frame, casting is a “low tech” approach in a healthcare world that is enamored of “high tech” surgical, specialized answers.

Dr. Mehta told Heather that it was parents who would bring casting into the forefront of treating infantile scoliosis – not doctors, not hospitals, and not manufacturers or pharma.  Parents.  You.

This is where you come in.  

  • You might be looking for answers to questions you haven’t even formed.
  • Your child could be going in for their first cast in the morning, and you’re scared.
  • Maybe the last of 7 casts that your child wore was just removed and the curve that was 63 degrees 3 years ago is now 12 degrees and stable.
  • You may be a parent whose child’s spine is perfectly normal, but your pediatrician never performed a simple scoliosis screening, so you’re feeling lucky and blessed

Parents like you are the reason why ISOP is able to provide resources, support and options for early treatment of progressive infantile scoliosis, including organizing medical trainings in the entire protocol. Without the many parents who dedicate time, resources, and finances, this treatment and cure would not be available in the US.

Ways that you can put Parent Power in action!

Join the Early Onset Scoliosis and Mehta Casting facebook page

This is a closed, private group and you are invited to join!  Connect with other families experiencing infantile scoliosis with their little ones.

  • Confidently share personal information about your child’s journey with scoliosis  
  • Be a resource for families who are new to this diagnosis  
  • Find support from your new “scoli family” who understands what you’re going through

This is a beautiful and dynamic group that welcomes all and provides genuine support.  A true community.

As friends, family and strangers interact with your child wearing a Mehta cast, there will naturally be curiosity and interest. Having brochures on hand is an easy way to answer questions and have a conversation.

Share them with your family. Keep them in your car or purse to hand out. Scoliosis in young children isn’t widely understood, so you can educate people about the benefits of Early Treatment.

Give a presentation about Mehta casting to a local civic group, church group, or at your child’s school.

Education is power and with some basic facts, you can spread awareness of the importance of scoliosis screening at every well baby/well child visit.

Have a dialogue about infantile scoliosis with your healthcare professionals

There are plenty of pediatricians who are unaware of the need for scoliosis screening in infants and toddlers and Mehta Growth Guidance Casting.

Wear ISOP gear

ISOP has beautiful t-shirts and bracelets that make spreading the word fun and attractive!  Save a baby’s life, champion straight spines!


Sponsor a fundraiser – ISOP will help!

ISOP provides clinical training free for medical professionals at host hospitals around the world.  The costs associated with these multi-day conferences is substantial, and ISOP is committed to continuing the pioneering work of Min Mehta, FRCS.

Hold a bake sale or car wash. Have a work day raking leaves or shoveling snow. Mobilize your community to hold a spectacular fundraiser like the Westmillers did with Karleigh’s Cause in upstate New York, and Rachel did for her daughter Ella with the Run Straight to the Finish 5K in Fayetteville, NC, and Evan’s family did with Hopefest in Virginia. AMAZING EXAMPLES OF PARENT POWER!!

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