A Message from Dr. Min Mehta

The study “Growth as a corrective force in the Early Treatment of progressive infantile scoliosis,” JBJS 2005 has contributed to furthering the aim of reversing progressive scoliosis in infancy by demonstrating that far from being an adverse factor, the vigorous growth in infancy is the principal force in converting a progressive infantile scoliosis into a […]

Medical Professionals: Learn Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting Protocol

Clinical Training for Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting (MGGC) For medical professionals, ISOP facilitates hands-on MGGC clinical trainings several times a year in the U.S.and around the world. Actual case studies provide experience in the Early Treatment protocol and the precise methodologies for cast application. Training occurs in the OR of host hospitals and involves use of a specialized […]

HIGHLIGHTS: ISOP Physician Advisory Board Meeting (May, 2014)

At the May meeting of ISOP’s Physician Advisory Board, the Board resolved several key elements to successful Mehta Growth Guidance Casting: Agreed: Underarm Casts are only effective for curves T8 and lower. Overarm Casts address all curve types. Agreed: Modifications and/or decorations to casts, as well as cast removal at home should all be discussed […]

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