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Rebecca is a 66-year-old woman with severe cerebral palsy. Her elderly parents both passed, leaving her dependent on institutions for her medical and personal care. A judge presiding over Rebecca’s case happened to be familiar with Guardianship Alliance of Colorado (a program of Ability Connection Colorado) and referred her to the program.

When Rebecca first came into Guardianship Alliance’s care, it was apparent that her basic needs were unmet. Rebecca’s social security benefits had lapsed, her fingernails had not been cut, she had missed doctor’s appointments, and her medication records were incomplete. Guardianship Alliance immediately assigned a case manager and guardian volunteer to ensure that Rebecca’s medical and personal needs were addressed. Today, Rebecca has her benefits in place and is well cared for. While she does not have verbal or physical abilities, her improved health and the sparkle in her eyes when she engages with friends tell a much happier story.

Ability Connection Colorado (ACCO) is an organization that serves 40,000 Coloradans each year by providing inclusive early childhood education, pathways to employment, and family support programs that include guardianship and conservatorship services.

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ACCO’s Guardianship Alliance program is the Colorado’s resource for information and training related to the guardianship process and protecting the rights and dignity of vulnerable individuals. Guardianship Alliance provides resources and training regarding all aspects of guardianship and guardianship alternatives.

Some of the resources and training available include:

Petition Assistance Class

Customized training for families or individuals who want to file for guardianship without hiring an attorney.

In-Service Trainings

Onsite presentations and discussions for care givers, clinical staff, middle and high schools, and others interested in learning more about guardianship and the guardianship process.

Guardianship Training

Geared towards those who are taking on the responsibilities of guardianship. Training includes Standards of Practice, case scenarios, tips on resources, and training the required duties, authorities, and limitations of guardians.


Guardianship Program

Recruits, screens, and trains volunteers to serve as guardians for adults who are isolated, indigent, and incapacitated.

The Peace of Mind Program

Provides quality health care oversight for Colorado’s most vulnerable population. Our team of case managers provide the most compassionate and quality guardianship services. Our team ensures that clients access regular medical, psychiatric, and social services, and serve as client advocates. Through Peace of Mind, we facilitate the very best interest for and the overall care of those receiving guardianship services.

To learn more about their services or to become a volunteer, contact Sarah Solano at 303-228-5382 or


Author: Julie Borisov
Julie Borisov is a staff attorney at Colorado PERA, mother of three, and proud owner of a giant minivan. She enjoys experiencing all that Colorado has to offer with her friends and family, but only when carefully scheduled around snack times and nap times.
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