Colorado Concours d’Elegance
& Exotic Sports Car Show

Sunday June 9, 2024 ~ 9am to 3pm


Colorado Concours – Judging Results


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Colorado Concours Judging Results
View the judging results from past Colorado Concours d’Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Shows.


2024 CDE Judging Results

2023 CDE Judging Results

2022 CDE Judging Results




Colorado Concours – Judging & Awards

Judging Categories:

  1. Club Judging is determined by each individual car club, i.e. Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes, etc. It is up to each club whether or not they will offer judging. If they are judging, a car owner can get their car judged even if they are not part of the club. Example: all Corvettes that sign up for club judging will be judged whether or not they are part of the Corvette Club. Each club has their own set of judging rules. Most of them usually judge only exterior and interior components. Porsches are classified by year and model and the interior, exterior, storage compartment and engine compartment are judged.
  2. Elite Judging is for exceptional vehicles and are classified by year of production, there are 6 classes for these and judging is based on styling, engineering excellence, elegance, presentation, condition, cleanliness, and quality of preservation or restoration and historical significance. This group is judged by Concours qualified judges.

Other Awards:

  1. People’s Choice: attendees will have the chance to vote on their favorite entry. (closes at 1pm)
  2. Kid’s Choice: winner is chosen by a special group of kids attending the show.
  3. Stimson Kennedy’s Best of Show: winner is chosen by Elite Judges.

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