Tummy Time, Back to Sleep and Infantile Scoliosis….What Do they All Have In Common?

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In the early 1940s, Dr. Harold Abramson, a New York pediatrician, pored over heartrending reports of babies who accidentally suffocated while they slept. As he reviewed case after case, he noticed that a vast majority of the deaths occurred when babies slept on their stomachs. After decades of additional research the federal government, the American […]

What is Halo Gravity Traction?

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What is Halo Gravity Traction? Halo gravity traction is a procedure used to reduce the degree of curvature in the spines of children with severe idiopathic or congenital scoliosis. Spinal traction is the gentle pulling of the soft tissue (joints and muscles) to help straighten the spine. A scoliotic curve allowed to reach high degrees […]

The Early Treatment Method

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“The casting method uses the explosive growth experienced by infants and toddlers to gently and permanently guide the spine back into its correct position,” Dr. Min Mehta said.  “The earlier the treatment begins, the more likely a cure will occur.” The innovation of the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program’s Early Treatment (ET) Process is that it […]

Where ISOP got its start

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Mother’s Determination Turns The Tide in Toddler’s Scoliosis Fight Follow the long journey of ISOP founding Mom, Heather, and daughter, Olivia, as they sought to find answers where there were few, and a scoliosis treatment that would spur hope and encouragement. As published in the Rocky Mountain News on December 19, 2000 PDF Document: Greatest_Gift_Article

HIGHLIGHTS: ISOP Physician Advisory Board Meeting (May, 2014)

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At the May meeting of ISOP’s Physician Advisory Board, the Board resolved several key elements to successful Mehta Growth Guidance Casting: Agreed: Underarm Casts are only effective for curves T8 and lower. Overarm Casts address all curve types. Agreed: Modifications and/or decorations to casts, as well as cast removal at home should all be discussed […]

Karleigh’s Cause – A Parent-Initiated Event Benefiting ISOP

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When their beautiful 15 month old daughter, Karleigh, was diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis (PIS), Kim Westmiller and her husband had no idea what they were up against. Fortunately, they were able to connect with Heather Hyatt Montoya and the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP). Through Heather and ISOP, they found answers to their questions […]

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