karleighs_cause_smWhen their beautiful 15 month old daughter, Karleigh, was diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis (PIS), Kim Westmiller and her husband had no idea what they were up against. Fortunately, they were able to connect with Heather Hyatt Montoya and the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP). Through Heather and ISOP, they found answers to their questions and the resources that led them to Early Treatment with Mehta Casting. These specialized EDF casts are applied every 8 weeks and continue to have a straightening effect on 3 year old Karleigh’s spine.

Thankful for their daughter’s progress and wanting to give something back, the Westmillers decided to hold a special event that would celebrate Karleigh’s amazing success and also help raise money for ISOP so that other parents of children with infantile scoliosis could also access the kind of help and resources that they had received.

On October 20, 2013, The Westmillers hosted the first ever, Karleigh’s Cause, at Hearthstone Manor in Depew, NY. The surrounding community rallied around Karleigh’s Cause by attending the event, which featured Terry Buchwald’s, Elvis-inspired, Tribute to the King, as well as live and silent auctions to help raise money for ISOP. In total, the event raised nearly $14,000 for ISOP!

Karleigh’s parents are a powerful testament to the steady devotion and determination it takes to navigate the many health options and difficult decisions they faced upon learning of their daughter’s potentially fatal condition. Also impressive, is the selfless approach and tireless effort they put into making Karleigh’s Cause a huge success, ensuring that other families of children facing similar circumstances will have the needed resources, support and opportunities for treatment that ISOP helps provide.

Thanks to you and Karleigh, and the overwhelming support of your community, event sponsors and volunteers, Karleigh’s Cause was not only an amazing success but truly inspirational.

On behalf of the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP) and the many families and children who will benefit from your generosity, we say, Thank You!


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