Guardian Training Classes

The Guardianship Alliance of Colorado provides training for guardians of adults. The 4 hour class includes a 100+ page loose leaf handbook and covers topics such as:

  • duties, responsibilities and limitations of a guardian’s authority
  • financial management
  • how to make decisions on behalf of a ward without being overly protective
  • medical, ethical decision-making
  • how to be an advocate
  • finding and evaluating services, programs and benefits
  • when and how to terminate a guardianship
  • preparing and using a guardianship plan
  • record keeping

Class fee is $200. (Free for volunteer guardians)

To register, please call the GAC office at 303-228-5382. Please clearly state and spell your name(s) and mailing address.

Guardian Training classes are scheduled periodically, as needed. For further information and assistance, call Guardianship Alliance at 303-228-5382 or send an email.

Program & Services

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