Presentations and In-service Training

Guardianship Alliance of Colorado strives to be the leading provider of Guardianship services throughout the State of Colorado.

Many organizations can benefit from the knowledge and resources provided by Guardianship Alliance of Colorado.  If you are an agency that works to protect the most vulnerable individuals in the State of Colorado, Guardianship services can be an important resource.  GAC is happy to provide in-house training for you and your staff.  Our highly trained Professional Guardians will present information pertinent to your organization and how your agency can best utilize our Guardianship services.

  • Topics Include:
    What is a Guardian/Conservator?
    What are the limitations of a Guardian?
    When is Guardianship Appropriate?
    What are the alternatives to Guardianship?
    What is the process for obtaining Guardianship?

For more information, please contact Guardianship Alliance of Colorado at 303-226-5526.

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