Guardianship Petition Assistance Classes

Guardianship Petition Assistance classes are for those:

  • who would like to become a guardian for another adult
  • who do not wish to hire an attorney
  • whose petition for guardianship is uncontested

This class helps persons with pro se (without an attorney) petitions for guardianship in non-contested cases. GAC provides the necessary forms and instructions during class.  GAC does not give legal advice.

The fee is $125.00 for the packet which includes instructions and samples of forms. For the same fee, the pro se packet can be mailed to persons who cannot attend a class; however, attendance is strongly encouraged as the petition procedure is quite complicated.

801 Yosemite St., Denver, CO 80230
Fee: $125

Upcoming Guardianship Petition Assistance Classes

We have had some staffing changes and are in the process of getting a new teacher for our trainings. We hope to have them available again by April, you can get on the waiting list by calling 303-228-5382.



801 Yosemite Street   |   Denver, CO 80230   |   303.691.9339   |   info@abilityconnectioncolorado.org