Guardianship Petition Assistance Classes

Guardianship Alliance of Colorado offers a petition assistance classes for those who have decided to pursue guardianship of an at-risk or vulnerable adult, do not want to hire an attorney, and whose petition for guardianship is uncontested.

The three-hour Guardianship Petition Assistance Class provides comprehensive guidance for those who desire to petition the court for guardianship pro se (without an attorney).  GAC provides all necessary forms and detailed instructions on how to complete them. Please be advised that GAC does NOT provide legal advice.

The class fee is $125.00 and includes samples of all forms and written instructions along with comprehensive classroom review.

Classes are held at 801 Yosemite St., Denver, CO  80230

Upcoming Guardianship Petition Assistance Classes
Classes will be forming soon!  To get on the waiting list, please call (303) 226-5526



801 Yosemite Street   |   Denver, CO 80230   |   303.691.9339   |   info@abilityconnectioncolorado.org