No one and nowhere else can any of us who are associated with this dreaded affliction, find the information, treatment, and support for our kids. It’s very much like MDA, if it weren’t for Jerry Lewis alot more would suffer horribly. Well, Heather Hyatt-Montoya is our Jerry Lewis. Our kids are “Heather’s Kids”! We are Heather’s partners in this crusade to “fix” the kids without using the previously accepted and debilitating procedures currently in place.

The Mehta method CURES, none of the other processes dare use that term. Getting more professionals/doctors onboard will only and inherently lower the number of beautifully, wonderful children from ever having to suffer such a monstorous future of pain, and possibly death. The Dr. Metha method is like other things in our life, the idea is so simplistic it gets overlooked. It is believed this type of corrective action can’t possibly be effective. Well, we have seen a 50% improvement for our child in just the very first installment of this miracle of science. Our child is on his way to what we know will be a lasting/permanent healthy life because we were able to a part of such a committed group of medical and private individuals.


Charles Sine

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