My son Max is 18 months old and has infantile idiopathic scoliosis. When he was diagnosed at 3 months and I began my research ISOP was the only place that gave me the information that I needed to begin this journey. My son had been in a brace and was doing very poorly and I needed to know that there were other alternatives out there. Thanks to Heather and the support of ISOP I was able to make a well informed decision that was right for my son and our family.

The articles, information and advice from the other members are just what I needed to mke me feel like I was not alone. Without Heather and ISOP it would be impossible for other families to get the materials that they need to make a well informed decision on their childs care. This is the only place that has the amount of good information on this topic.

We could not be happier with the doctors at Shriners and the care that Max is receiving. Without Heather and ISOP this would be impossible.

Please allow Heather to continue the mission that she has begun and allow her to share this special gift that she has with other families who need the support.

Cara Edwards

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