My daughter, Madison, was diagnosed with infantile scoliosis at the age of 6 months. All of the initial information I received from her treatment team involved countless surgeries and no promise of real correction. Through the ISOP website I was able to connect with other parents who were experiencing the phenomenal success through a series of EDF jackets. After more research and several conversations with Heather Montoya, I opted to seek this same procedure for my baby.

We began our EDF journey at a Shriner’s Hospital. Madison is now completely corrected. She leads a very active lifestyle participating in gymnastics, ballet, and soccer. She has remained corrected; without further treatment since 2005. Without this innovative procedure, the level of deformity she would surely be at, would not allow her this quality of life. I am eternally grateful to ISOP, Heather, Shriner’s, and Dr. Mehta.

Awarding this grant to ISOP will offer countless other children the same opportunity to experience this same success. Heather’s vision and perseverance to educate the globe in this gentle, effective treatment is unsurpassed. There must be a continuation of education, not only in the simplistic diagnostic approach and awareness campaign to pediatricians across the country, and around the globe, but certainly in the process of early treatment.

Jennifer Stewart

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