Just wanted to provide an update and thank you for your help in getting us headed in the right direction.  Without ISOP we would have had no alternative but to wait six months as the ortho doc requested and our baby would have had a long road ahead of him without Mehta casting.  We were able to get an appointment with Dr. ____, last Wednesday, and he recommended casting!

We go back in two weeks for his first cast and MRI.  Everyone was so nice there and we are just overwhelmed by how blessed and grateful we feel to have found ISOP, had immediate access to and advice from you, and the general encouragement that is given and shared amongst the FB group.  You are really doing something special and amazing, Heather.  If you hadn’t fought so hard to get this alternative established so many families would not be having the experiences they are.

I don’t know how to repay you for the role you have played in our son’s future.  I know we are just starting this journey, that cast #1 may be the hardest, and there are days when I have no idea how we are going to cope and get through it, but I know that we will.  We will keep you and the FB group posted as we continue our journey but I just wanted to check in and most of all share my gratitude.

Sincerely, Dana

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