Not necessarily.

MGGC is a gentle, conservative, and perhaps most importantly, non-invasive treatment option to
address the three dimensional curves of progressive infantile scoliosis. There are no side effects when MGGC protocols are applied by a surgeon who has received proper, specialized

In contrast, the complication rates for surgery and implantation of distraction hardware involve numerous risks and complications, including:

  • Rod breakage inside the body
  • Premature spinal fusion
  • Risk of infection
  • Potential for chest wall rigidity

Also, a study of 38 patients treated with dual growing rods demonstrates that the gains from lengthening decreases with each subsequent lengthening and over time. Cobb angle improves after the initial instrumentation but does not change significantly with repeated lengthenings. Spine May, 2011

ISOP advocates that conservative treatment with MGGC is a first line of defense, and that in most cases, surgery is a last resort.
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