Tyler was diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis in December of 2002.. His thoracic curve was measured in the high 20’s, and progressed to the high 30’s within a couple of months. We were told to “wait and see,” and that surgery was inevitable ( growth rods, fusion ).

Our research then began.  We started our research on the internet, and were able to find infantilescoliosis.org. We were informed of the serial corrective plaster cast method and the need for early treatment.  After multiple attempts trying to find a doctor willing to cast, we were successful!!

Tyler is on his third cast.  The first was applied on March 21, 2003, and his curve read approx. 37 degrees.  Now, in his third cast his curve is measured at 10 degrees. My son Tyler does wonderful in his cast.  He is able to do everything his twin brother does, except swim.

I am scared to think of how high his curve would have progressed had we opted to, “wait – and – see.”  Every doctor we saw agreed that Tyler had a progressive curve that would have NEVER resolved on its own.

Our experience has been a positive one, and we feel lucky to have come across this invaluable information. My son Tyler is proof that serial corrective plaster casts applied early, are far more effective than the “wait and see,” approach to treatment.

Please contact me if you would like to talk about our experience with this superior treatment.

(Tylers mom)

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