Mehta’s Growth Guidance Casting (MGGC) is a validated, non-surgical, potentially
curative treatment for progressive infantile scoliosis (PIS). PIS in infancy is considered the only potentially life threatening condition in the world of pediatric orthopedics because the curve(s) will keep pace at the rate of the child’s growth, which is fast the first two years of life.

Scoliosis is a three-dimensional issue which can be addressed gently in all dimensions with this specialized EDF (Elongation, Derotation, Flexion) treatment.  Early Treatment with MGGC involves application of specialized plaster casts on a specially-designed frame. The number of casts needed will be determined as the curve is measured over time by your child’s physician.

Dr. Mehta utilized “over the shoulder” casts for all curve types and all RVAD measurements because they address all curves. Click here to read more about this from the ISOP Physican’s Advisory Board.

The modified “under arm” casts were developed by American surgeons and were never included in Mehta Casting protocols. Under arm casts only have the ability to address curves below T-8.  It is worth repeating that over the shoulder casts address all curve types at all locations.

Mehta casts must be applied by a trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon. The child is under anesthetized and placed on a pediatric size EDF casting frame. For more information about the frames required, please visit
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