A Season of Gratitude and Thankfulness: Counting my Blessings

by | Nov 15, 2017 | P2P

A Season of Gratitude and Thankfulness:  Counting my blessings

As mothers of sons and daughters with disabilities and special health care needs, we face daily challenges.  In our family’s world those include:   repositioning my 90-pound son (many times a day), g-tube feedings (at least 6 times a day), giving about 20 medications throughout the day and night, diaper changes (6 – 8 times a day).  In addition there is constant vigilance to insure our son is breathing well through his new tracheostomy.  We pack 3 bags to go with us whenever we leave the house.  We plan an extra 30 minutes time whenever we go, to account for loading and unloading the wheelchair and all the stuff.

BUT TODAY I would rather focus on my blessings.

Joshua has the most incredible smile and giggle, especially now that he has a new speaking valve for his tracheostomy.  Joshua’s smile is so infectious, perfect strangers can’t help but smile back.

We have 4 children who we are watching blossom into caring, productive, serving adults.  Ben and Laura are graduating from college this year, and Ben and Andrew are getting married.  We are glad to welcome Ashley and Charise to our family.

Daily, Joshua gets to see his grandma and grandpa, who always make him smile.

I have a wonderful job, caring for my son in our home, thanks to the family care giver act.  This allows our son to live at home in safety and surrounded by love and family.

I am grateful for the many parents of Parent to Parent of Colorado who have gone before me.  They willingly offer advice, encouragement, and wisdom.  Many have worked tirelessly on behalf of our children, and have made a difference in our laws and in our individual lives by being there to answer questions and encourage us.

We own a home that is accessible and meets our needs as a family, and we get to live in beautiful, colorful Colorado.

We have been blessed with hundreds of therapists, nurses, teachers, friends, and family who care for, teach, and communicate with our son every day.

Our family has been a part of 4 churches in the last 30 years where we have found good friends, good fellowship, been able to worship meaningfully, grow spiritually, been able to serve others, and have been embraced as a family with a child who has special needs.

I have a wonderful, loving, responsible, faithful, and Godly husband who is exactly the man I need every day.

Some days, it can be hard to see the blessings, because we spend so much of our time wrestling with diaper changes, or spending sleepless nights, or we are just plain worn out.

But every day, it is a good idea to see if we can all take just a few moments to think about all the many things we can count as our blessings; because if we do, I find that it can make the difference between a discouraging day and one where we can give thanks for the many blessings we all have.

Editor’s Note:  As we move through this journey of parenting our sons and daughters, we are thankful for those parents who have come before us and those who walk beside us!  We’ve asked several P2P Members to share their thoughts on thankfulness and gratitude and we’d like to hear yours also!  Email our group at p2p-co@yahoogroups.org   

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Grace Hunter is a stay at home mom. She has a degree in Elementary Education. Currently she works as Joshua’s paid family caregiver. She and her husband, who is an engineer for Lockheed Martin, have 4 grown children. Joshua, the youngest, has CP and requires full time care. She lives in Littleton, CO. Grace enjoys crocheting, reading historical novels, quilting, working on photo albums. The Hunter family enjoys traveling to National Parks, and camping in the Colorado Mountains whenever possible.



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