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“For a child with a disability, now is the time to start talking to him and to his teachers about life goals. Remember, those goals will change over time but he needs to get used to the idea that he will grow up and he will have a job and a home and friends and things he likes to do independently…The more you can start being enthusiastic and building him up and giving him opportunities to try new things, be independent, have successes, the more those things will build upon each other as a building blocks to a fantastic future.”

~ Mom of two young adults with disabilities (living independently with supports!)

In this section, you will find information and resources on the following topics. Just click each topic to see the resource pages.



flag1 Wrightslaw – An online educational resource which includes the Wrightslaw Yellow Pages for Parents of Kids with Disabilities where you can find educational consultants, specialists, therapists and more.

flag1 Colorado Department of Education Family Information and Resources has links to family, school
and community partnering, special education resources and state and local advisory committees.

flag1 Early Intervention Colorado – Colorado’s system of services and supports for families who have
children from birth to age three with disabilities or a condition associated with delays in their development.

flag1 One-Stop-Shop to Access School & District Data

flag1 PEAK Parent Center – Colorado’s Parent Training and Information Center offering education and training on IDEA

flag1Denver Metro Community Parent Resource Center – Promotes meaningful participation in schools and communities through outreach to linguistically and culturally diverse families. Serves families in the Denver/Boulder area.


flag1 Family Voices – Advocacy organization providing help with health insurance plans, navigating Medicaid and individual health insurance counseling (such as in benefits decision or help with the appeals process). 1-800-881-8272

flag1 Community Centered Boards (CCB) manage and deliver services, in partnership with private service providers, to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families throughout the state of Colorado. The services are delivered through 20 regional Community Centered Boards.

flag1  facebook Division for Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (DDD) – State office that provides leadership for the direction, funding and operation of community based services to persons with developmental disabilities within Colorado.

Military Families with Children with Special Needs – STOMP (Specialized Training of Military Parents) is a National Parent Training and Information Center for military families providing support and advice to military parents.

PACER Center – The mission of PACER Center (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) is to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of children and young adults with disabilities and their families, based on the concept of parents helping parents.

Persons with disabilities (PWD) have a lot to say about a lot of things. Real and meaningful community engagement must include more than one person and more than one disability.

~ Indivisible


As a family member of a person with a disability, your knowledge of your son or daughter’s needs is critical to determining appropriate programs or services. At Parent to Parent we trust that you will take the time to evaluate the information provided, ask more questions if needed, and ultimately decide what is appropriate for your family situation. An opinion by posters or references in The Resource Storeroom to any specific product, service, therapy or company does not constitute a recommendation by Parent to Parent of Colorado. Information/advice in this document should not be substituted for professional consultation.
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