Medicaid and Social Security Resources

“With my son, I do work hard on life skill type of things, which continues to increase his ability to be independent. It’s so hard having a kid that is in the gray, meaning, things are as defined as far as future need. I’m such a ‘planner’ that it’s hard playing the waiting game to see what his future need is going to look like. You guys at Parent to Parent are a tremendous help…and calm my peaking anxiety. Thanks so much!”

~ Mom of 12 yr. old with HFA

In this section, you will find information and resources on the following topics. Just click each topic to see the resource pages.

At the annual family picnic, families enjoy activities along with sharing information and support.

Care coordination results in people who are managing their lives with the services and supports needed to successfully live in the community or setting of their choice. The best care coordination outcome is when a person gets what they need when they need it….No hoops to jump through, just action.

As a family member of a person with a disability, your knowledge of your son or daughter’s needs is critical to determining appropriate programs or services. At Parent to Parent we trust that you will take the time to evaluate the information provided, ask more questions if needed, and ultimately decide what is appropriate for your family situation. An opinion by posters or references in The Resource Storeroom to any specific product, service, therapy or company does not constitute a recommendation by Parent to Parent of Colorado. Information/advice in this document should not be substituted for professional consultation.
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