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“I can tell you as a parent that special needs planning is hard, very hard…..It was like trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together without the picture on the box….when we go home with our pieces, we found some were missing, some didn’t fit and every now and then someone came by and took away one of our pieces…gradually you fill in the areas of the puzzle.”

~Hal Wright, Parent of a woman with Down Syndrome and Certified Financial Planner
Author of Special Needs Planning for a Person with a Disability: Life, Resource, Financial & Legal

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Parent panels share information
on how to advocate for our sons and daughters

As a family member of a person with a disability, your knowledge of your son or daughter’s needs is critical to determining appropriate programs or services. At Parent to Parent we trust that you will take the time to evaluate the information provided, ask more questions if needed, and ultimately decide what is appropriate for your family situation. An opinion by posters or references in The Resource Storeroom to any specific product, service, therapy or company does not constitute a recommendation by Parent to Parent of Colorado. Information/advice in this document should not be substituted for professional consultation.
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