Why Do I Love Fall? Creativity Abounds for Our Family!

by | Oct 13, 2017 | P2P

Why Do I Love Fall?  Creativity Abounds for Our Family!

Fall is upon us.  Kids of all ages get excited about Fall festivals, trick-or-treating and especially, costumes!   Halloween can be a great time of year for kids with disabilities as it is inclusive of all kinds of kids, families, costumes and behavior.  However, sometimes it also challenges our creativity when it comes to accessible activities and costumes.

My  daughter, Izzy,  uses a wheelchair which can make accessibility a challenge.    Door to door trick or treating is out of the question in our neighborhood, but many communities offer trick-or-treat streets or trick-or-trunk.  These are great because they are very accessible.  Check out this list of activities for families in the Denver Metro Area for ideas.  If you live in other areas of Colorado, your local newspaper, a community Facebook page, or your child’s school may be good places to find out about fun family activities.

Many of you may experience uncomfortable looks and stares from other kids and even adults during the year, especially if your child’s disability is obvious or visible.  The great thing about Halloween, is that it is ok to stare.  And it actually makes for great opportunities for other kids to come up and approach our kids.  One of the ways to encourage interaction for our sons and daughters is a creative costume!

I’m sure we have all seen the elaborate costumes online that others have created for kids in wheelchairs.  We always try to make it a costume theme for the entire family. That way, my daughter, Izzy, is included in the family activity we are doing for the Fall.  Halloween is also a good time to create a costume that reflects your child’s special or unique interests.  For older children and teenagers who want to fit in with their peers, you can consider talking to friends about creating a theme that everyone can join.

I do enjoy making things and the wheelchair allows for being creative in my costumes.  My daughter has had easy to adapt costumes (witch, jellyfish) to more difficult and elaborate (Peanuts, Flintstones).  For some creative ideas about costumes for wheelchairs and strollers, check this out!  Read about sensory friendly costume ideas from other parents.

We always want our sons and daughters to experience the joy of seasons and holidays and to be included in our communities.  This time of year we have some unique opportunities to make that happen.  Enjoy and relish the stares!



Editor’s Note:  Does Fall inspire your creativity?  What does your family enjoy doing in the Fall?  Where have you found fun, accessible family events?  Do you have a great costume idea to share?  Email us at p2p-co@yahoogroups.com OR post a picture on our Facebook page! 


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Pat Hart lives in Denver with his daughter, Izzy. Izzy is a happy girl, who loves being around people. She lives with significant developmental disabilities, although her exact diagnosis is not clear. Pat was a chemical engineer before becoming a full time stay-at-home dad when Izzy was born. He also serves as Izzy’s CNA and in his free time, can usually be found out riding his bike. Pat is a retiring member of the Parent to Parent Advisory Board.





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